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My favorite americanism: "ɜmɜnɜ" (IPA-ish) as a shortcut for "I'm gonna" which itself is a shortcut for "I'm going to". Desperately trying to shorten it up, not accepting that "I'll" is even shorter...

I find that the best way to experiment with new libraries with C API is using LuaJIT FFI. Throw in a bit of ffi-reflect [2] and inspect [3] and it's the perfect REPL combo to try out a new library (let's be honest, code extracted documentation a-la doxygen is rarely a good how-to guide).


Rubik's Cube + kid's frustration == a new kind of puzzle

Oh wow, this random shop I found is super friendly:

$ curl 'https://<domain>/shop/product-list' -X POST --data-raw '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"call","params":{"ppg":1000,"pg":1,"category_id":2753},"id":0}' | jq '[] | {, price:.prices.new_price, features: [.features[] | {, value:.values[].name} ]}'

I just *had to* leave a mark on the internet that day, didn't I?

Getting closer, this time with a zoom lens...

Needs shorter individual shot duration (currently 5 sec might be too much) since the stars are still oval.

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Tutorials followed: - Nebula Photos - Andromeda galaxy with only a camera, lens & tripod. - DeepSkyStacker tutorial

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My first adventure into - Orion (+nebula visible).

Canon EOS 1300D with f/1.8 35mm lens, 15 min total time, 5s per image. Stacked with DeepSkyStacker, postprocess in GIMP.

I captured the usual lights + darks + flats + bias pictures, but shooting from my balcony clearly shows a lot of light pollution (+ neighbor deciding now is the best time to heat up with wet wood ruins a lot of pictures).

I need to get better with focusing, and maybe I'll try a different zoom lens later.

From me who runs a computer as a server home 24/7 for self-hosting 🙂 I should switch to a solar-powered Raspberry Pi like

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Eric Prydz - Proper (climate change) Education since 2006

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My Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic keyboard dongle just broke during a mishap with laptop. "Sure, I guess I'll but a new one..."


Need to buy a new keyboard + mouse set. Forget it Microsoft, had I known beforehand, I wouldn't have wasted money on this.

I wanted to set up my Odroid C2 for kids as a DIY Plex-ish server, and I tried it on two different power supplies, and it didn't turn on. I was sad that it's dead, since they don't make them anymore and it's hard to get anything these days.

Upon further investigation (power meters, voltmeter), it turns out that it was actually the two power supplies that were dead, the Odroid is fine. Phew...

Tech enthusiasts vs. Tech workers 😁

TL;DW (it's a 20s video): tech enthusiasts - "my entire house is smart", tech workers - "na a aaah"

Searched for "circus song" for kids, found the right original song: "Julius Fučík - Entrance of the Gladiators"

Some would say "so what?" but understanding the engineering brhind search systems it almost feels like a miracle.

We can divide programming languages in two categories:

  1) Those where arrays start at 1.
  1) Those where arrays start at 0.

-- Roberto Ierusalimschy

"Testing EVC, VVC, and LCEVC: How Do the Latest MPEG Codecs Stack Up?"

I didn't know MPEG is spewing out so many new video codecs. LCEVC looks interesting, essentially coded upsampling: "... 1080p LCEVC stream with a 960x540 x265 base layer and an LCEVC layer expanding the output to 1080p. The resultant MP4 stream is presented so that an HEVC player incompatible with LCEVC will simply play the lower resolution HEVC stream ..."

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