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"I don't just have ADHD, I have AD-UltraHD-4K-120fps" 😁

TIL: Nelua [1] is to Lua what Nim is to Python: a typed language with familiar syntax compiled into C into native code, with a lot of metaprogramming features.

Still alpha though, and tables are not implemented yet [2], but definitely looks interesting...


I was originally getting frustrated with Kaitai Struct [1] to parse binary data, but as I played with it more I'm starting to appreciate it and all the various options it supports. Writing parsers for new formats is relatively straight-forward if you have the guide open on the side.

And since it generates code for $YOUR_FAVORITE_LANGUAGE there's no quarrel around which language to use...


> You don't change , Vim changes you

It's a joke video, but this quote hits deep.

Postlite [1] - a network proxy to allow access to remote SQLite databases over the Postgres wire protocol.

Now this is a toy I will be playing around with...


"I really need some time to drink about this."
"You mean...?"
"I know what I said!"
-- Disentchantment S3E04

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my favourite part of ordering from aliexpress is the surprise when a package that you ordered months ago arrives and you don't remember what it is

One RTFM moment later, I found the answer [1]:

> You can safely skip intermediate releases when upgrading from an old version. You do not need to individually check them out. However, you do need to keep track of the instructions with each release.

Sorry for the spam.


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question: is it OK to "skip releases"? E.g. is it OK to jump from 3.4.0 to 3.4.6 in one go, or do I need to go one by one?

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Light fog gave an eerie aura. I played around with the image in trying various adjustments.

In the end I simply ended up liking it how it came directly from the camera

Things I miss by default in shell (always have to add functions/aliases for these):

cdto - given a filename, cd to the directory containing that file: cdto() { cd "$(dirname "$1")"; }

mkcd - create a directory if it doesn't exist, and cd into it: mkcd() { mkdir -p "$1"; cd "$1"; }

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I love good writeups about hard-to-debug issues that start up with "this is impossible!!(?)", such as I learn a lot from them, better than documentation, as it puts code against the harsh reality :)

I often wondered why, when looking at the world, things "in the middle" would appear bigger than when captured by a camera.

It turns out I'm not alone in the wondering [1] ("natural perspective"), and there's even software [2] to make pictures look "how I remember them".


When you start for the first time, it asks you whether to automatically download cover art from internet. If you answered "yes" and actually want to turn this feature off later, you can find it in VLC Preferences > Show settings - all > Playlist and then check off the option "Allow metadata network access".

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some sites that support ipv6: fosstodon, wikipedia, my own super-production-quality running on a $5 VPS

some sites that don't: stackoverflow, github, duckduckgo, reddit

what the actual @#$%

... which decade is it again?

Learning as I go: apparently you can already specify the "image mode" directly when applying the Gaussian blur, which obsoletes most of the steps, and you can see the effect preview directly as you tweak the radius.

This makes preprocessing the source material super easy, barely an inconvenience.

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