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programming opinion 

i am a strong believer that u often dont need much more than SQLite for a web app

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Year progress: ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ 100.0%

I've been a "mouthbreather" for most of my life due to allergies, slightly bent and permanently blocked nose - I basically was not able to breathe freely through my nose, so I used mouth instead.

Recently I read an article about "correct breathing", and it can be summarized as "just use the f*!#&%g nose!".

After 30 minutes of forcing myself to not open my mouth and forcing air through tiny opening in my nose, the airways opened up and I've been nose breathing since. Oh the years wasted...

Instructions on "Dead Sea Bath Salts":

"... inhaling steam from 1 tbsp salt in 1L water helps heal infections..."

And I pause and think: how is evaporation desalination supposed to work again?

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I keep having Pipewire crashing on me if I mess with Audio settings too much. The process keeps running, but I have to do `systemctl --user restart pipewire*` to get my audio back. Any ideas?

Shhh, let me tell you a secret:

Firefox "Reader mode" can often be used to skip all the "cookie consent" BS and reveal the article content beneath.

Did I just accidentally create a bubble chamber radiation detector in a candle? 😁

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When you have a cool top level domain, but now your email isn’t accepted by 3/5 of forms checking for “valid” addresses ….

It's almost 2022, I'm running 4 core SMP processor overclocked at 4.8GHz with 32GB RAM. Why does my computer still feel like this? Today's bloated software feels slower than TurboPascal on a 286...

"But mah developer productivity!!!.."

"So in the end web3 is ... an amazingly effective form of Nerd Sniping." 😁

This turns out to be a problem, since whenever it's rebooted, it relies on NTP to get the current time/date. With no way to reach internet, it was always start at Jan 1st, 00:00:00 and never update the time. Then, 4 hours later, the configured reboot time would kick in, the router would reboot, usually during the most interesting point in a movie. And of course, the timer would start ticking at 00:00:00 again...

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I set up the router to restart at 4:00 AM due to previous issues ( Later I changed the internal network IP on the "main" router without changing the static IP on the "extender". The "extender" was still able to act as AP/switch so I did not bother to reconfigure it, but it could no longer "connect to the internet" itself.

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I'm using one of older routers as a WiFi extender. It's been restarting often, I thought it was broken. After spending some time investigating I had to laugh, as I figured out *I* was the cause...

Random data point of the day: time since my car keyfob started spamming me about "battery too low" until eventual replacement: ~two years.

It's starting to get cold outside and when the key failed to open my car somewhere in the hills after sun down and below zero outside, it's a bit scary. Fortunately a little bit of "heating up" the keyfob helped, but I think it was a clear signal and when I got home I replaced a fresh set of batteries 😁

"Verify your age to show you're old enough to watch this video".

WTF Youtube? My *account itself* is old enough to legally drink and smoke and drive!

Nice insights into performance/optimizations:

Mind blown moments for me:

* optimizing pieces of code can lead to overall decrease in performance (e.g. causing more lock contention)
* -O3 might not be much better than -O2, to the point it's not worth the slower compilation time

Email I got from a $webshop:

> Hello, did you know we have anniversary? Do you remember that exactly 12 years ago (8.12.2009) you signed up for $webshop for the first time? No? We do! Congratulations to our anniversary! Here'a a coupon code...

How I imagined it:

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Ouch I forgot how much of a behemoth the C++ Boost library is. I tried building a random project that makes use of it and each single source file took many seconds to compile.

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