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> Mastodon and Pleroma users can:
> - View Lemmy communities, user profiles, posts and comments
> - Follow Lemmy communities to receive new posts and comments

Okay.... but.... how? A simple example or a link to a document would be awesome.

OK, dig says it resolves to both:


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'' resolves to 🤯

If you ever code something that "feels like a hack but it works," just remember that a CPU is literally a rock that we tricked into thinking.

Not to oversimplify: first you have to flatten the rock and put lightning inside it.


I tried to replicate my "480p video at 128kbit/s" experiment [1] with AV1.

The speed was 0.068x realtime (with libaom and default --cpu-used). This means a 15 min video ended up encoding more than 3.5 hours.

While the quality was "watchable" and slightly better than x265 at the same low bitrate, it's yet, maybe unless you are a viral video hosting company.


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The best adjective describing the AV1 encoder speed I found so far is "glacial".

Random stat of the day: looking at my mobile photo backups, I "produce" roughly 3GB of photos/videos per month. Thankfully my NAS still has space for a few years to come, but I might consider cleaning up/resizing/recompressing the media at some point.

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> Five minutes after this supposed all-time high [$2,861.80], at 9.40am, SQUID had cratered to $0.0007926 — a fall of 99.9999%.


That mixed feeling when you're looking through wiki for a solution to your modern laptop's sleep/suspend problems, and the tips&tricks make use of a hack kernel module you wrote 10 years ago...

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Me: don't you overdo it with coffee?
My S.O.: No, it's just my 4th today, why?

has a federation tester [1] to make sure your homeserver is reachable "from the outside". Does something similar exist for ?


Cloudflare has a "no malware and adult content" version of resolver: (no malware) and (no malware + adult content), naming it " for families"

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Found the Elon Musk "I'm a conman" song that Thunderf00t references a lot 🙂

Running local experiments on "Developer Memes" it wouldn't have worked well anyway. As soon as it's not dark text on light background, tesseract doesn't detect it.

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