I totally understand why they built a castle on this hill

Trying to do something on Windows: "Windows is so slow that it took me 90 minutes to accomplish 5 minutes worth of work."


That's my experience too. I dread the time whenever I have to use Windows to do something, since I boot it rarely. And then it realizes "oooh, oooh, a chance to download and apply *all the updates*! It's now or never!"

And then the "disk activity" graph stays at 100% for at least half an hour even on an SSD...

Sometimes even a traffic jam can be a pleasant experience, giving time to experience the beauty...

I just learned that the Odroid M1 has both a SATA and M.2 port, *and* comes with Petitboot, which makes installing an OS super convenient - it can be done directly on the device by adding storage and connecting to a network.


From their website max power draw is ~5W at max load, I wonder if it works with JBM585 M.2 -> SATA adapter and could serve as the basis of a DIY NAS.

@unfa I've been playing around with IPFS few years ago, but I've hit the same availability issues. For example IPNS (which allows mutability/updates) would take forever to resolve, defeating its purpose. I haven't tried recently.

Overall I like the idea of "permalink network filesystem" but IMHO the team's focus on "web3" distracts from making the project perform better.

If you are using Luvit [1] (Lua Node.js) with the coro-spawn [2] package to execute thousands of subprocesses (e.g. batch file processing), and need to capture stsou/stderr, make sure to pass `stdio={nil,true,true}` to *not* open stdin.

Otherwise you will quickly run out of file descriptors: `EMFILE: too many open files`.

[1] luvit.io
[2] github.com/luvit/lit/blob/mast

@hacknorris Emulation? Yes, it supports quite a number of platforms, Gameboy included.

That said, it's discontinued, but I'm looking forward to ODROID-Go Ultra: forum.odroid.com/viewtopic.php if I can't get my hands on a Steamdeck.

Headway - a self-hostable maps + geocoder + routing stack based on OpenStreetMap + Docker


Mushroom is a reproductive organ of an organism called fungus.

Bon apetit.

@fribbledom I suggest watching "Civilizations at the End of Time" series by Isaac Arthur: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLII

(and generally everything else from that chsnnel too :)

Looking at the counters, the timeout doesn't check out. Also refresh broke it :(

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It's like watching the countdown for a rocket launch - I've got nothing to do with it, but it's curiously fascinating to wait for *thing* to happen.

@rompe Posted too early, the chips are still imported. Maybe some day... youtu.be/IS5ycm7VfXg

feature request - mlock() the default camera app to memory, so that when I launch it, it doesn't take an eternity to get to a usable state. I need to take the photo *now*

My safety matches are so safe they won't even light up on purpose.

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