I've been doing this wrong my whole (IT) life, so many keystrokes wasted:

> If you instead write the IP address as two numbers with a dot in between, the first number is assumed to be 8 bits and the next one a 24 bit one. And you can keep on mixing the bases as you see like.
> ...
> This allows for some fun shortcuts when the 24 bit number contains a lot of zeroes. Like you can shorten “” to just “127.1” and it still works and is perfectly legal.


I remembered a situation from school. Teacher: "Not everything is available on the internet!" Someone from the back: "Oh it is, you just have to know russian" 😄

My wife reminded of an old Android game, where you control a ninja as he slides and jumps across a hilly terrain - the better you time the clicks, the farther he jumps. Searching the web I found it was Moon Chaser from 2011 and was removed from Play store in 2017.

Fortunately, adding "apk" keyword will help out. It works well on Android 11, is free, simple and has no ads. Why was it removed? Could not figure out.

@dctrud For this reason I have dual-boot. WINE can only get you so far...

@federico3 I will have some time to learn, but which one to choose? xahlee.info/kbd/dvorak_vs_cole has some points, how much of them is "fanboyism"? I'm mainly afraid that constant switching will be a nuisance (as the "home IT support", I don't think I can convert family to Dvorak/Colemak).

@federico3 is it worth learning a new layout after being efficient with plain old QWERTY?

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If you're annoyed by the shit #Signal is doing, don't switch to the next centralized thing. They all tend to go bad after a while and you can't do anything about it. Use decentralized messengers instead, like #XMPP, #Matrix or #Deltachat. Federated protocols like them can't add features unless a lot of people agree.

Take a 3d Neural Radiance Field selfie (NeRFie) with a phone they said: youtu.be/IDMiMKWucaI

Looking up the code: "will take around 3 days to train on 8 GPUs". Yeeeaaaahhhh...

@256 Any modern takes on this? I mean more recent than "Ultimate Stunts" 🙂

@climagic Looks almost like when I try to mass-parse/edit HTML from command line.

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@MutoShack Meanwhile I'm running a Mumble server (umurmurd) for voice calls on my "underpowered" router and I'm happy with it.

Quotations are a substitute for wit -- @cj

Now it's legit.

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👋 reminder that the deadline for student applications for Google Summer of Code is April 13! LabLua is one of the mentoring organizations and I'm one of the mentors with a LuaRocks/Teal related project!

* project described here: lua.inf.puc-rio.br/gsoc/ideas2
more links below! 👇

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<3 It's *really* nice to see LTT highlight FOSS projects like the Open Source Smartwatch program being shown here: youtube.com/watch?v=xF_SR6aUKH

Just learned about bios-pw.org/ - why pay for finding the unlock code for your laptop BIOS when all the paid services most likely use the open source code backing this anyway.

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