@eff "given to the first person who donates $X" - so "sold for $X"? 🙂

@fribbledom Take it with you for travels and label the world with "@fribbledom was here"

@fribbledom Love the WS28* LEDs and projects using them. Have a meaningless Mastodon favourite from me ☺

Often you don't have to travel to another country to enjoy beautiful vacation

@Gargron what is the state of support on Mastodon? I see github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/ merged but when I try to upload a webp image, I get: "500 Error processing thumbnail for uploaded media"

I just installed and tested Facebook and WhatsApp bridges for . Finally my family won't complain about not being able to reach me *and* I don't have to install any extra apps on my phone.

@Gargron Sorry if I sounded negative, I am just amazed that this goes against everything I was taught about releasing software (especially one used by a lot of people), and yet it still seems to work great for you! 🙂

@Gargron are you testing out new Mastodon features on the largest instance first, before releasing them out globally? That's an interesting ... alternative ... to canarying: martinfowler.com/bliki/CanaryR 🙂

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Reasons someone using a PC should change from Windows to Linux?

Linux distros have more respect for your privacy.

Just run Wireshark on both Windows and Linux; you'll see that Windows loves to constantly chat with MS-servers.

Average Linux distro is completely silent until you choose to interact with the internet.

Being the product vs. using the product.

Linux gives you control & transparency. Easier and more secure usage.

Please add Your point of view if you will!
#WhyLinux #Linux #PC

Awesome documentary/business story - how starting with a good idea, working on it and surrounding yourself with the right people can grow to a full fledged business (Prusa 3D printers): youtu.be/xX3pDDi9PeU

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I find it very interesting that people on Mastodon seem to prefer showing their support by boosting something rather than favoring it.

I'm not sure what that says about us. Maybe that sharing really is caring.

Either way, I'm here for it. Keep up those boosts all you lovely people.

my dog disconnected the cable to my server again and search was not working... It's actually just @$SOMEONE@people.kernel.org

Does anyone have a simple guide on how to follow some folks on people.kernel.org/ on Mastodon? Is it even supported?

The downside of this approach that you a) create a lot of interfaces on the server (one per connected device) and b) waste half of the IPs on server point-to-point addresses. That said, even a measly /24 is more than enough for me.

After a ton of attempts with setting up multiple device VPN with , I had to settle on one-interface/config-per-device. I just could not make this work any other way. Fortunately now I can actually do some routing on top of my point-to-point mesh.

Open HackerNews, close HackerNews, open HackerNews, nothing new, close HackerNews. Open Reddit, close Reddit, open Reddit, nothing new, close Reddit. Open HackerNews, nothing new, close HackerNews. Open Reddit...

I should start actually doing something again...

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