First observation: I opened the app "unconciously" a *lot*, since now I reach for the phone and open it up, only to realize the app is no longer on the menu.

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I've just disable the Youtube app on my phone. I'm curious to see what effect this "dopamine detox" will have on me.

Reading this "improved libjxl documentation" commit [1]:

> If none of these functions were used, the pixels are assumed to be nonlinear sRGB for integer data types (JXL_TYPE_UINT8, JXL_TYPE_UINT16), and linear sRGB for floating point data types (JXL_TYPE_FLOAT16, JXL_TYPE_FLOAT)

"linear sRGB" WTH? Isn't like the whole point of sRGB to represent a non-linear values with gamma of 2.2?


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With Unicode support and all the block characters, amazing!

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Hello all, looking for guidance! I want to "simplify Boolean expression" to create a minimal description of a boolean vector using pre-defined expressions, e.g. convert [0,0,1,1,0,1,1,1,0,0,0,0,0] into `fromEurope || (hasCar && likesMusic)` (made up example).

I've been looking into Z3 solver and `simplify` and patterns, but I'm not sure it can "go backwards", and I'm lost in the nomenclature and high-level math. E.g. would "weakest precondition"[1] apply to my case?


@vimtips don't mistake zz with ZZ which saves the file and quits Vim (what? you *can* quit Vim?!?)

@Mac_CZ "Doesn't seem to be RAM" honestly I would let Memtest run on it for a few hours...

when dealing with failed Android uploads:

$ cd path/to/nextcloud
$ ./ log:tail # retry an upload in the Android app now, note the path in the error message in "Sabre\DAV\Exception\MethodNotAllowed: The resource you tried to create already exists"
$ rm -r myuser/uploads/001122aabbcc
$ sqlite3 data/owncloud.db "delete from oc_filecache where path like 'uploads/001122aabbcc%';"

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@TheFrenchGhosty @ChrisWere From another post I just learned about / which takes a snapshot of a webpage.

@pseudonym @feditips Mozilla recently announced offline/local translation project:

Would be amazing to see it available as a library, and added to Mastodon clients as you said.

@claudiom BootToDoom? Sounds like onomatopoeia for the backing of a house track.

I wonder what the time-to-game is for a cold start, I bet it's way better than consoles...

@ChrisWere I remember there being but now it's a domain parking website, did it go out of service?

Yep, it seems so: has discussion and some alternatives.

Random comment on YT:

> When Nvidia launches the 40xx series, the 30xx will finally be affordable and the 20xx series will be cheap, that means I can finally buy the 1660.

My discoverability gripe with Mastodon UI(s) (web, Tusky, Mastodon app) as a single-user instance: when someone boosts a post from someone I don't follow, I only get to see the boosted post and its immediate parents.

In order to see more context / discussions, I have to "jump out" of the app and "Open in browser". This opens the web UI not from my instance, but from the OP instance, and includes followup comments that are public. There's no way (that I know of) to "pull" that into my instance.

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