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I have a laptop with Ryzen 5500U running Ubuntu 20.04 with the latest-ish Linux kernel (5.13.13). Settings reports "AMD Renoir" as the graphics settings.

Whenever the laptop wakes from suspend, I get just animated "static" on the screen (like $ cat /dev/urandom > /dev/fb0). See photo.

I can't find the right keywords to search for this, anybody with experience?

My greatest life achievement this month - making sure the trains fro this intersection do not cause jams on the main railway going east-west.

Got 30min of my own time, it's always fun to play with these speakers. The only thing I'm missing at this point is wood for the portable speaker build. It will sound shitty most likely, but it will be mine.

I wish you all a nice day! Enjoy your hot beverage of choice β˜• (tea is superior of course 😁)

Jaipur - having a lot of fun with this 2 player card game, pretty quick rounds once you familiarize with the rules, and very competitive πŸ˜„

Testing out components for ~12V battery with a BMS for a portable speaker build, πŸ™‚

Actually owning your hardware is nice. I just fixed fan noise on my by disassembling and cleaning up the fan assembly and dropping a bit of machine oil into the "axle" of the fan. No more noise at low RPM. That thing did not even originally have thermal paste on the "integrated" gpu die!

It's been more than a year that I'm thinking of building a new computer. But given the current situation, I decided to do a bit of maintenance on my 6y old computer instead (clean up, replace thermal paste). After all, the trusty Skylake i5 6600K is more than capable for everything I throw at it, it has been running stable all this time overclocked 3.5->4.3GHz, and it's 14nm like most current Intel chips 😁

@hisham_hm trying to answer the question (no one is asking) "is getting slower?" Here is a plot of the time it takes to run "$ lua ./tl gen" over all the commits on my computer (5 run average), plotted by date. I will need to revise my methodology to make it work on older commits.

Have to make use of that FICSMAS event before it's too late...

? The title does not do the game justice. It's a ton of fun and pure relax.

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