With Unicode support and all the block characters, amazing!

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My first SMD rework (short in TP-Link router, suspect shorted n-channel dual mosfet sop-8 chip) failed, as in I did not manage to get the router working. But hey, I no longer have a short at power supply and another chip next to it (PWM buck controller) is now overheating, so ... success?

Stumbled upon a video of modem sounds explained on a spectrograph, and immediately reminded me of this gem:

Light fog gave an eerie aura. I played around with the image in trying various adjustments.

In the end I simply ended up liking it how it came directly from the camera

Learning as I go: apparently you can already specify the "image mode" directly when applying the Gaussian blur, which obsoletes most of the steps, and you can see the effect preview directly as you tweak the radius.

This makes preprocessing the source material super easy, barely an inconvenience.

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I love reading the documentation (e.g. for SELECT [1]). I basically learned SQL from it. And later its docs on window functions [1] was the only one that made analytic functions "tick" for me.

[1] sqlite.org/lang_select.html
[2] sqlite.org/windowfunctions.htm

Chemtrails, now available in color™!

Just a joke! In case anyone takes anything on the internet seriously...

I wanted to install Kaitai struct to parse a binary format in Lua. The generated code had a cyclic dependency loop leading to `require` recursive stack overflow. Seeing they have tests, I tried running the CI suite for Lua, realising I'm missing Luaunit, leading me to debugging issues with Luarocks due to older luasec install.

It turns out I was unable to run tests successfully for *any* language I tried (Java, Nim, Go, ...) so I ended up `rm -rf`ing that thing.

I *just* want to read a file...

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What happened to my Thinkpad? While the T440s never had an amazing screen (ghosting, brightness, etc), I've never observed such backlight issues before.

Looking forward to SQLite 3.38.0, JSON will become default built-in, and new '->' and '->>' JSON operators operators compatible with PostgreSQL and MySQL.


Rubik's Cube + kid's frustration == a new kind of puzzle

I just *had to* leave a mark on the internet that day, didn't I?

Getting closer, this time with a zoom lens...

Needs shorter individual shot duration (currently 5 sec might be too much) since the stars are still oval.

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