What happened to my Thinkpad? While the T440s never had an amazing screen (ghosting, brightness, etc), I've never observed such backlight issues before.

Looking forward to SQLite 3.38.0, JSON will become default built-in, and new '->' and '->>' JSON operators operators compatible with PostgreSQL and MySQL.


Rubik's Cube + kid's frustration == a new kind of puzzle

I just *had to* leave a mark on the internet that day, didn't I?

Getting closer, this time with a zoom lens...

Needs shorter individual shot duration (currently 5 sec might be too much) since the stars are still oval.

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My first adventure into - Orion (+nebula visible).

Canon EOS 1300D with f/1.8 35mm lens, 15 min total time, 5s per image. Stacked with DeepSkyStacker, postprocess in GIMP.

I captured the usual lights + darks + flats + bias pictures, but shooting from my balcony clearly shows a lot of light pollution (+ neighbor deciding now is the best time to heat up with wet wood ruins a lot of pictures).

I need to get better with focusing, and maybe I'll try a different zoom lens later.

Eric Prydz - Proper (climate change) Education since 2006

Shhh, let me tell you a secret:

Firefox "Reader mode" can often be used to skip all the "cookie consent" BS and reveal the article content beneath.

Did I just accidentally create a bubble chamber radiation detector in a candle? 😁

It's almost 2022, I'm running 4 core SMP processor overclocked at 4.8GHz with 32GB RAM. Why does my computer still feel like this? Today's bloated software feels slower than TurboPascal on a 286...

"But mah developer productivity!!!.."

Email I got from a $webshop:

> Hello, did you know we have anniversary? Do you remember that exactly 12 years ago (8.12.2009) you signed up for $webshop for the first time? No? We do! Congratulations to our anniversary! Here'a a coupon code...

How I imagined it:

I finally have a "usable" IPv6 subnet assigned. Time to start playing around.

BTW what's this "gateway" thing? Isn't IPv6 meant to be "it just works" autoconfigure + default-route-to-interface-and-you're-done kind of thing?

> Mastodon and Pleroma users can:
> - View Lemmy communities, user profiles, posts and comments
> - Follow Lemmy communities to receive new posts and comments


Okay.... but.... how? A simple example or a link to a document would be awesome.

Windows after you turn it on after a couple of weeks: OMG OMG OMG THERE'S AN UPDATE QUICK OMG HOG THE DISK DOWNLOAD ALL THE STUFF OMG while grinding down to a halt.

I'm sending this an hour after taking the picture and it still looks the same. The computer is still unusable. WTF.

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