Have to make use of that FICSMAS event before it's too late...

? The title does not do the game justice. It's a ton of fun and pure relax.

My 1080Ti has a memory failure causing visual artifacts and eventual gpu hang under load:

$ ./cuda_memtest --stress
[11/13/2020 10:53:39][0f3d62ba338f][0]:ERROR: the last 4 error addresses are: 0x7f1ee4178e48 0x7f1ee3135fa0 0x7f1ee2dd22e8 0x7f1ee61db7d8
[11/13/2020 10:53:39][0f3d62ba338f][0]:ERROR: 0th error, expected value=0x3be5a39152a03ca5, current value=0x3be5a39152a03ea5, diff=0x200

Any Linux GPU alternatives to BadRAM?

I took a "symmetrical" photo, but... Damn those walls are anything but staight.

with carpet and second attempt, now with a black & white for color calibration 😄

This is so much fun to play^H^H^H^Hexperiment with. Queue the wrath of forum members for not having a proper enclosure! 😆

After years (!) of watching videos, I finally fired it up yesterday and struggled with the learning curve (I also tried FreeCAD but gave up after 30min trying to extrude a stupid circle). But eventually I managed to come up with a mockup of a portable speaker with batteries using measurements of the components I have.

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