I finally have a "usable" IPv6 subnet assigned. Time to start playing around.

BTW what's this "gateway" thing? Isn't IPv6 meant to be "it just works" autoconfigure + default-route-to-interface-and-you're-done kind of thing?

Optimistic documentation wiki.kubuntu.org/IPv6

> Only a few Internet Service Providers (ISP) currently offer native IPv6 service, though by 2015 probably all of them will.

Reality check: it's 2021, where's my home ISP-provided IPv6 address, let alone subnet?


I wasn't able to connect/ping anywhere via IPv6. It was weird since 'curl -6v $target' would just hang, ping would say `sendmsg not permitted`. `ip addr; ip -6 route` showed the right settings, `sysctl -a | grep disable_ipv6` was fine, but packet tracing on the interface had total radio silence outside ipv4.

Long story short, `ip6tables -L` showed `OUTPUT (policy DROP)` which I traced back to this line in /etc/default/ufw:


It only took a few hours to figure out. Isn't Linux fun?

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