I'd love to understand what unsolved problems the overengineered broken mess that is systemd-resolved it's trying to solve...

Maybe this is the solution?

"Embrace systemd-resolved"
"dispel an internet myth that says systemd-resolved is pointless and isn’t doing you any good"
"systemd-resolved caches DNS query responses ... it can quickly respond to repeated queries for the same domains"


What a pile of BS. My Synapse Matrix homeserver is not even able to resolve matrix.org. Let's look at the cache stats:

$ resolvectl statistics
Current Cache Size: 2
Cache Hits: 2517
Cache Misses: 889769


Lets's see, are the DNS cache parameters configurable?


No, because fuck you, I'm Lennart Poettering and I know better than you, and poorly chosen compile time constants are all you are going to get.

I've replaced systemd-resolved with a local dnsmasq instance (no DHCP, just DNS) pointing to non-ISP upstream DNS servers and --min-cache-ttl=60 and it's been night and day difference.

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