One of the drives is not like the others (they are balanced), but due to the world situation, do I have a choice? Can't get a 7200RPM 4TB drive anymore...

# btrfs scrub status -d /mnt/storage | grep -e left -e scrubbed
Time left: 24:17:53
Bytes scrubbed: 700.06GiB (34.88%)
Time left: 32:39:30
Bytes scrubbed: 571.92GiB (28.50%)
Time left: 26:36:35
Bytes scrubbed: 659.22GiB (32.85%)
Time left: 25:22:28
Bytes scrubbed: 680.43GiB (33.90%)


I guess I'll wait 3-4 more years (I've had this array for 5 years and it's half full) and switch to same-sized SSDs.

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