Things I'd love to do once I'm finally "bored" and have more than "toilet time" for myself:

- Finish building a portable speaker (I have all necessary parts except for wood and any sense for good audio engineering)
- Finish building a 4-bay 3.5" RasPI 4 based NAS (I finally have all parts, including the Radxa SATA HAT and cables and enclosure)
- Replace Linux with *BSD (FreeBSD? OpenBDS?) on my Thinkpad


- Go through old photos and mark "good ones"
- Use a good screen from an old broken laptop and use it as a "photo frame" for the above (got to put those SBCs to good use)
- Learn a fancy modern web framework to see what the fuss is about ("how do you do fellow kids?")
- Finish any of the games in my Steam library

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