I tried switching from Gnome to KDE Plasma on my Thinkpad. From first few minutes of use I like it quite a lot, but OMG the random flickering (notification windows, bottom bar). And it cannot be a graphics gpu/driver issue, as many transitions (transparency, moving windows) are nice and smooth.

Also, I just opened a text file and the editor (Kate) just stopped responding. Tried to close it, got a "Terminate application" dialog, but nope, after several attempts it's still up and can't be force-closed. Not even `kill -9` works.

@michal not sure if this would help, but have you tried using a different renderer in the settings? I think default is OpenGL 2. I use OpenGL 3. Another issue I’ve had is screen tearing and that is solved by making sure the refresh rate in the settings is the same as your monitors. Just in case that is something else you may be having problems with

@michal lol. Maybe this is me trying to defend it really hard, but I love kde and try and use it on everything I can. It has some issues, but I enjoy it

@zure Thanks a lot! I did not even think this would be an option. But yeah, selecting 3.1 in System Settings > Display and Monitor > Compositor + restarting actually seems to have fixed the flicker.

@michal Ayyyyy! Hell yeah. Glad it might have fixed it! Hope the KDE experience goes better now! There also different compositors, but default works for me in this regard

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