It's been more than a year that I'm thinking of building a new computer. But given the current situation, I decided to do a bit of maintenance on my 6y old computer instead (clean up, replace thermal paste). After all, the trusty Skylake i5 6600K is more than capable for everything I throw at it, it has been running stable all this time overclocked 3.5->4.3GHz, and it's 14nm like most current Intel chips 😁


My AIO (Nepton 240) was getting a bit dry and the pump does not sound too good. Rather than wait for the inevitable, I bought a simple (but "silent") air cooler (SilentiumPC Fera 3). It really is more silent than my old AIO, and keeps the CPU really cool (barely exceeds 55°C under load), so I decided to try my chance and beef the (originally 3.5GHZ) CPU up to 4.4GHz. So far stable under benchmarks 🤞

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