@Gargron my Mastodon server had ~2 months of downtime (due to me not having time to care for it, stuck in Postgres migration), and I have a gap in my timeline. I could not find documentation about this - how does federation work exactly? Are toots federated only when instances are online? If so, is there a way to "backfill" the data? I can definitely see everything when I go to individual profiles.

@michal Yes and no backfill -- but does it matter? Don't think there'd be any point reading 2 month old posts. The value of this stuff is very in the moment

@Gargron Parts of the Fediverse disagrees with you!

I got a comment on a two-month-old post yesterday and I was happy for it.

I'm annoyed that broke its URLs back in 2012, many old memories are trapped in there.


@Gargron I respectfully disagree. I like to follow "project updates" from various people on Mastodon. I rarely use it "in the moment", more like "weekly digests of things that interest me". But maybe I'm just misunderstanding this whole thing :)

@michal @Gargron More like people understand this whole thing differently. 😀
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