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IT-workers vs. tech enthusiasts vs. programmers.

#Tech #Humor

My favorite I play on , so relaxing... Cities: Skylines

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How easy is it for a third party to identify your browser? Find out with Panopticlick. panopticlick.eff.org/

Today I fixed two unavailable RAM DIMM slots by losening a screw.

3+ years ago when building my computer I spent hours figuring out why it won't boot, and ended up placing RAMs into two slots farthest from the CPU, since closer 2 to PC didn't work. I forgot, today bought more RAM and then remembered the beginning and was sad.

I eventually found rog.asus.com/forum/showthread. and found that one screw for my AIO cooler was too tight. I losened it and voilà! I have 4 slots working, dual-channel too! 😁

r/ProgrammerHumor is spot on

In case you are running Samba, not (knowingly) using Winbind and Samba repeatedly fails to start with this error message in the logs:

Failed to create BUILTIN\Guests group NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED! Can Winbind allocate gids?

Just go ahead and delete /var/run/samba/winbindd/pipe

You are welcome.

Installing in on Android, hurdle 3:

$ luarocks install luasec OPENSSL_DIR=$PREFIX

When building with external dependencies, you have to specify the $PREFIX directory (provided by Termux). There's probably a way to configure this globally but I haven't found that option yet. Also, you need to specify the variable at end of command line (as an arg) instead of as environment variable at the beginning because .

Installing in on Android, hurdle 2:

$ ls -l -d .
drwx------ 18 u0_a95 u0_a95 4096 Nov 29 20:12 .
$ echo 'export USER=u0_a95' >> ~/.bashrc
$ . ~/.bashrc

LuaRocks uses the $USER variable extensively, but Termux does not set it by default. LuaRocks also checks permissions, so you cannot just make it up. Use the user owning your home directory.

Installing in on Android, hurdle 1:

$ apt install unzip

The default "unzip" Busybox applet does not recognize the "--version" flag which LuaRocks uses to check if the tool works.

What's your favorite programming language? For me it's and starting toying with . I wonder how their horses look like...

Ingredients: wood and "Motion Stills" app

Late to the game, but just listened to The Changelog Podcast with @Gargron and enjoyed the content. I found the history of Mastodon especially interesting - make something useful and don't let it die 🙂


Reposting jokes from r/programmerhumor

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Switched To Linux (TomM): "Welcome Windows and Mac users. Welcome to Linux."

Recent news have been nothing short from alarming at least: Windows 10 deleting your files and Mac having unrepairable computers, aren't you ready for a change?

Always remember to try out different Linux distro's if one doesn't work well on your system.

==> youtube.com/watch?v=ZP62c5ZBlM
#Linux #SwitchToLinux #deleteWindows #deleteApple #Freedom #Spydows #crApple