@hisham_hm question: given a source and position within it (e.g. row, column) can the compiler tell the type of item (e.g. variable) at the given position? I'm thinking of "code assist/completion" for Teal/Lua

I've been trying to search for a somewhat comprehensive guide on how to install projects in one's $HOME directory, e.g. $HOME/usr, but all I can find is "install your stuff in /usr/local". I know about ./configure --prefix=... but I'm looking for all the things I'm missing, like ldconfig, pkgconfig and other stuff I don't know about. Is it really a / to have to use for every random $binary you download/build from internet?

@Gargron my Mastodon server had ~2 months of downtime (due to me not having time to care for it, stuck in Postgres migration), and I have a gap in my timeline. I could not find documentation about this - how does federation work exactly? Are toots federated only when instances are online? If so, is there a way to "backfill" the data? I can definitely see everything when I go to individual profiles.

I just migrated my Mastodon instance from "docker-compose internal" Postgres instance to a shared one running outside Docker on my machine (I do have more plans for Postgres). It took waaaaaaay longer than I anticipated (given what's happening in the world), and my account seems "stuck" in Feb. Let's see if this toot kicks the federation machinery to start federating again.

@hisham_hm As new high-core count processors (AMD 39*0x) start to reach mainstream, people start noticing curious things, such as htop taking half the screen to display all cores 🙂 news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

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In Slovakia the idiom for heavy rain is ‘tractors are falling’.

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#FOSDEM happened! We just published a quick wrap-up of the conference and videos of all the talks :D Thanks once again to everyone who came to our talks and spoke to us :) matrix.org/blog/2020/02/03/mat

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From the mailing list:

1960: Algol will be the language to rule them all.
1970: PL/I will be the language to rule them all.
1980: Ada will be the language to rule them all.
1990: C++ will be the language to rule them all.
2000: Java will be the language to rule them all.
2010: JavaScript will be the language to rule them all.
2020: Python will be the language to rule them all.

The dogs bark, the caravan marches on.

The first thing after Christmas? SSH into my rooted vacuum cleaner and # apt install htop

"Panorama has always been a favorite kids toy. World's history knows no cases when a sausage photo was interesting to anyone but its author." from blog.letsenhance.io/all/2019/0 ... That hurt 😢

Trying to learn machine by reading from TensorFlow code examples on the internet is like trying to learn databases from various office worker's Excel spreadsheets.

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#Lua people! Today I got curious about which @LuaLang@twitter.com versions people use.

So here's an unscientific, unofficial census as a Google Form:


No registration required! Just click which Lua version(s) you use. I'll share results here.

Please RT for reach!

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Some more research and github.com/igrigorik/node-spdy looked promising, but it also only uses CONNECT and it's "tunneling SSL over SSL"... The search continues. I've downloaded Firefox source and looking at the "netwerk" library.

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BTW I know about mitmproxy.org/ but I do not really care about "interactive". I just need something I can integrate with mod_pagespeed. Solution for Nginx would be desired, but searching Google for "Nginx proxy tls" is all about reverse proxy setup, not what I need...

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Many years ago I used mod_pagespeed together with Apache as a "foward proxy" to significantly improve my mobile "web experience". I wanted to try it out this week but faced an issue - nowadays a big part of web is behind HTTPS. This is perfect, but completely breaks my use-case. I need the proxy to modify the traffic. I trust my own proxy, so how do I tell Firefox not to "CONNECT" to remote https servers and trust the proxy to do the TLS validation instead?

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