Installed an IRC client on my phone. The constant connect/disconnect as I was changing networks forced me to stare into the abyss that is IRC tooling such as bouncers...

ZNC looks nice so far

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how to cook tea:
- put a tea bag in your cup
- start the electric kettle
- forget about it for hours
- start the electric kettle

What happened to my Thinkpad? While the T440s never had an amazing screen (ghosting, brightness, etc), I've never observed such backlight issues before.

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The most sustainable device is the one you already have ☝️ #Repair


$ sudo smartctl -a /dev/nvme0n1 | grep 'Data Units'
Data Units Read: 5,517,916 [2.82 TB]
Data Units Written: 115,052,746 [58.9 TB]

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PSA: 5.16 introduces an issue with where btrfs-cleaner might "spin forever", cause 100% cpu load and issue a ton of writes [1]. My 256GB NVME drive got rewritten 10x over in less than a day before I figured out what's going on. There's a series of patches being worked out [2] but in the meanwhile what worked for me was turning off 'autodefrag' in /etc/fstab.


Looking forward to SQLite 3.38.0, JSON will become default built-in, and new '->' and '->>' JSON operators operators compatible with PostgreSQL and MySQL.

My favorite americanism: "ɜmɜnɜ" (IPA-ish) as a shortcut for "I'm gonna" which itself is a shortcut for "I'm going to". Desperately trying to shorten it up, not accepting that "I'll" is even shorter...

I find that the best way to experiment with new libraries with C API is using LuaJIT FFI. Throw in a bit of ffi-reflect [2] and inspect [3] and it's the perfect REPL combo to try out a new library (let's be honest, code extracted documentation a-la doxygen is rarely a good how-to guide).


Rubik's Cube + kid's frustration == a new kind of puzzle

Oh wow, this random shop I found is super friendly:

$ curl 'https://<domain>/shop/product-list' -X POST --data-raw '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"call","params":{"ppg":1000,"pg":1,"category_id":2753},"id":0}' | jq '[] | {, price:.prices.new_price, features: [.features[] | {, value:.values[].name} ]}'

I just *had to* leave a mark on the internet that day, didn't I?

Getting closer, this time with a zoom lens...

Needs shorter individual shot duration (currently 5 sec might be too much) since the stars are still oval.

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Tutorials followed: - Nebula Photos - Andromeda galaxy with only a camera, lens & tripod. - DeepSkyStacker tutorial

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My first adventure into - Orion (+nebula visible).

Canon EOS 1300D with f/1.8 35mm lens, 15 min total time, 5s per image. Stacked with DeepSkyStacker, postprocess in GIMP.

I captured the usual lights + darks + flats + bias pictures, but shooting from my balcony clearly shows a lot of light pollution (+ neighbor deciding now is the best time to heat up with wet wood ruins a lot of pictures).

I need to get better with focusing, and maybe I'll try a different zoom lens later.

From me who runs a computer as a server home 24/7 for self-hosting 🙂 I should switch to a solar-powered Raspberry Pi like

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Eric Prydz - Proper (climate change) Education since 2006

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